My Story

My spiritual journey began at 14 years of age, when I had not long lost my grandfather Harry. I was extremely close to him and imagine my surprise when I saw him, large as life, in my local high street as a fully materialised spirit. From that moment on I realised there was life on the other side. Usuall at 14 years of age young girls are more interested in make-up and boys, but my Dad had sat in a circle with some well known mediums so I was used to it all. This was the start for me, as I then connected with a friend at school who had the same interests as me and she let me know that she had a spirit guide who was a famous Russian.

As soon as I left school I started work in London’s West End. I was travelling on the tube one night and much to my surprise as it went into the tunnel I saw a man dressed as a priest. I knew he couldn’t be walking on thin air and so knew this was another visitation from the other side. I continued to see this man a lot over the next five years and many other spirits started visiting.

I left England shortly after to go to Israel and work on a kibbutz and made friends with a medical student called Julie who was from the north of England. We travelled together and even more spiritual experiences started to happen. Julie and I travelled all over Israel eventually arriving in Jerusalem and we then went on to a Druze village just outside. We were both dumbfounded when I started to take her around all the nooks and crannies of the village and she asked me how I knew it so well, but it was only in later life that I realized my knowledge came from a previous incarnation. I have always felt ‘at home’ with the Israeli and Arabic people. 

On my way home to England from this trip I decided to stop off in Elat, which borders on Egypt. Sitting alone in the desert I had a ‘vision’ just like sitting in the cinema, of a former life where I was a young girl who had lost the love of her life. I was profoundly touched by her sadness.

Coming back to England after my travels in the Middle East, the first thing I did was to go and see a medium. He was very good and told me all about my experiences in Israel and Egypt and at the age of 21 I decided to study to become a medium and clairvoyant. 

In those days the training involved sitting in a circle with other mediums and I found it to be the best training ever. Sometime later after giving up my career in publishing, I decided to dedicate my life fulltime to spirit. I became very busy working six days a week helping as many people as I could and meeting some really wonderful people who went on to become lifelong friends.

Imagine my delight when I was invited to become a medium on TV! Sky were starting their channel and asked me to go along for an audition which I passed. I then spent some very interesting time being one of the first mediums on TV – it was a bit of a new idea at the time and we had some fairly strange experiences, but it brought a large amount of interest from the public and was very successful.

After a while I decided to leave the TV show to pursue my own projects. I spent time doing Spiritualist Church platforms, reading for lots of people and thoroughly enjoying helping the community. I also had the opportunity to do documentaries, doing a couple for Channel 4. 

I now felt the time had come to give something back to the Universe and so I contacted a well known animal charity and started doing evenings of Stage Mediumship to raise money for the charity, and went on to raise thousands of pounds for them. I also started concentrating on doing private one-to-one readings.

I now spend most of my time doing private readings both in my own home and at the homes of others. I find that the privacy enables spirit to speak more in depth to clients and to help them with some of their deeper concerns and problems.