This story begins with a young Mum, her little girl and a kitten.

The young Mum had moved into a new house with her family and to make things complete they went to a local animal sanctuary to get a kitten for her daughter. They chose a delightful little tabby and her little daughter was delighted – naming her Twinkle.

However she called me for a reading. She didn’t have to say anything, I could instantly feel fear about a small animal. She burst into tears and told me that their kitten was missing and that they’d only had her three days. So I set about asking my Guides to help me. As a pet psychic of many years I was able to see through the eyes of the little kitty and see that she was in a pitch black place and I was baffled as to what it could be. Asking my Guides for more information they showed me a uniform which I took to be the RSPCA. I wouldn’t normally advise contacting them, but I told her to get in touch with them. Amazingly when they arrived they found little Twinkle in the chimney. She had climbed up from an open fireplace into the chimney and that was the dark place. They were able to coax her down and there was a very happy reunion.